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7 Things That Annoy All Table Tennis Players

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1) When Your opponent blames their loss to you on nets and edges!

This is a big one. You’ve just won an epic 5 set battle with someone and all they can say after the match is how lucky you got with that one edge you got at 1-1 in the first set! It’s part of the game so deal with it!


2) Players not saying sorry after a net or an edge

As much as we all would love to be able to have the ability to aim for the edge or top of the net none of us actually have it, although some people apparently do. At least you would think after they celebrate winning a point off of the dirtiest net you have ever seen. I mean seriously, how hard is it to just admit you got lucky and apologise???


3) Extended towel breaks every 6 points

So the rules of table tennis sate that you can have a “brief” break after every 6 points to towel down etc… However, some players idea of a brief break seems to involve a full three course meal and a shower.

4) Missing your own serve

There is nothing more infuriating then missing your own serve. The fault Is all yours and your opponent had to do nothing. So frustrating!

5) Getting Taxi’d

I’ll just leave this clip here…

6) Slippery floors

You know those school hall floors that haven’t been cleaned in ten years that make you feel more like a figure skater than a table tennis player. The ones that you force you to use a damp cloth to dampen your shoes in-tween points. Those floors…

7) Long waiting times In-between matches

When it’s your turn in this week in a league match to sit through 3 matches before you play again. Even worse, when having to wait until the afternoon to play a knock out round after getting through the group that you won at 9 in the in the morning.

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