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The 10 worst things every table tennis player has to deal with!

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1) People that don’t apologise for nets and edges

We start with what is perhaps the most infuriating situation that can occur when you play table tennis. You’re playing an intense match and are 10-10 in the fifth set with your opponent when you hit a huge forehand loop down the line and catch them out. Somehow however, your opponent manages to just get a bat on it and the ball just clips the edge. You’re completely enraged but it’s ok at least your opponents going to apologise right? WRONG! He’s not going to apologise he’s going to celebrate in your face instead, pumping his fist in the air. He then goes onto win the next point and the match and you’re left to ponder whether your next move is going to be to shake his hand or punch him in the face. (DISCLAIMER) We at TableTennisDaily never condone violence of any kind 😜


2) The guy with all the gear but no idea

This is the person at your club who started playing about 6 months ago and can barely hit a forehand but absolutely has to have the best, most expensive equipment you can buy and won’t stop changing his equipment. Just when you think he has finally realised that equipment isn’t everything, and is going to stick with the same bat setup he changes again, because if Ma Long can use It why can’t he?!



3) That one selfish guy who won’t practise with anyone he is better than

You know the guy who’s better than you but whenever you ask for a knock he’s always got that same excuse, that he’s waiting for his friend to arrive who just happens to be better than he is. What he really means is that he doesn’t care about helping weaker players improve, and only cares about his own game. What players like this don’t seem to appreciate that if everyone thought like this no one get better.


4) When you are the one that always supplies the balls 

You are tired of having to use the clubs training balls in practise, so you decide to invest in a shiny new box of three star balls. Then something miraculous happens! Players that never wanted to train with you suddenly become your best friends, suddenly that selfish guy mentioned previously now deems you worthy enough to be his practise partner. Of course, you don’t realise why this has happened until all of your 3 stars have been broken and you’re left to practise, Forest Gump style, against the table again.


5) People that blame their loss to you on nets and edges

This one is so annoying that I can’t even write about it. Let’s move onto number 6...


6) Terrible away venues.

When you turn up to a new league venue, thinking that it will be state of the art and have Gerfloor yet it’s the exact opposite and the table is in a changing room.



7) Friends that call Table Tennis, Ping Pong

There’s no point trying to explain the real name to them either as it will never change...


8) People that celebrate excessively

You’ve had a long day at work and you’d been looking forward to your table tennis match in the evening the last thing that you needed is that overly competitive guy who thinks he’s won the Olympic gold medal every time that he wins a point.



9) That guy who blames their loss to you on nets and edges!

We all know that guy who can’t accept that you beat him fair and square so he blames the whole match on a net you got at 1-1 in the first set.


10) When a top 10 article you are reading from TableTennisDaily shamelessly plugs their products at the end of it, but makes up for it by giving you a 10% discount code

No problem guys don’t mention it 😉 Use code: TTDXMAS2017 to get 10% off your entire order.


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